The Vision



  • City-Wide Operational Audit
  • Holding businesses with city ordnance restrictions accountable (e.g. sale of puppies and cats
  • Standards in Ethical Conduct
  • An illustration of broad obligations and restrictions for all elected officials and city employees. These principles require them to respect the rule of law, be responsible in the use of their time and resources, and NOT misuse their public position for their own or others’ private gain.

Economic Development

  • Balancing residential and retail development
  • Well-thought-out expansion of geography to increase the tax base
  • Creation of a Multi-Sport Complex with a robust retail component

Strategic Planning

Strategic Drivers:

  • Establish a city-wide Vision
  • Establish a city-wide Mission
  • Citizen’s Bill of Rights (created by the citizens)
  • These things drive every decision that’s made (Daily)


  • Road widening projects (City and County)
  • More traffic calming devices
  • Removing red-light cameras (especially right-turn)
  • The continuation of stormwater & drainage projects
  • 5G – 10G technology.

Technology Hub

  • Partnering with outside tech companies and universities
  • Creation of a tech community in West Orange Co.

Bringing back in-house sanitation (trash, yard waste, & recycling)

  • Using federal and state funds to bring these programs back in-house

Partnering with Owners of West Oaks Mall for more retail development

  • Encouraging mall owners to reveal a 10-year plan for the mall

Minority Business Enterprise Programs (Targeting Ocoee Residents)

  • Women-owned businesses
  • Veteran owned businesses
  • Encouraging residents to start and operate small businesses in the city.

Supporting the Arts

  • Cultural Events
  • A Historical Museum (For the preservation of all of Ocoee’s History)
  • Encourage and fund programs geared towards the arts.
  • Educating the public regarding the arts and their economic impact on the city

Full-time Elected Officials (Future Administration)

  • Daily office hours
  • Completely emerged in operational decisions
  • Encouraged to set annual goals to bring additional revenue to the city (e.g. Federal & State Grants, private sources, Federal & State funding sources for private enterprises in the city ….)