Here are the Facts

Fact #1 – The funds that were spent by Commissioner George Oliver were over the period of Fiscal years 2018-2023, totaling $25,181.44. This total is ONLY 18% of the City’s Commission spending budget of $140,561.41 over those Fiscal Years. GUESS WHICH ELECTED OFFICAL SPENT THE MOST?


Fact #2 All of Commissioner Oliver’s travel was done in a group setting with the other Commissioners which includes THE OCOEE MAYOR.


Fact #3 The places traveled were as follows:

  1. Fiscal year 2018 – The Florida League of Cities in Hollywood, FL.
  2. Fiscal year 2019 – National League of Cities in Los Angeles, CA & Washington, DC
  3. Fiscal year 2020 – National League of Cities in Washington, DC
  4. Fiscal year 2021 – No travel
  5. Fiscal year 2022 – National League of Cities, Washington, DC & The Florida League of Cities in Tallahassee, FL
  6. Fiscal year 2023 – No travel


Fact #4 Travel to these essential conferences, are STRONGLY SUGGESTED that every elected official attend.  It allowed Commissioner Oliver to create, present and educate the City of Ocoee Commission and Ocoee residents on the following programs for the City of Ocoee.

    1. Fiscal Year 2018: Presented idea of Ocoee Youth Council. The Youth Council was created as a result. WON AWARD FOR FLORIDA LEAGUE OF CITIES IN 2023
    2. Fiscal Year 2019: Presented idea of diversity training for elected officials and city staff. The project was implemented the same Fiscal Year, where all city staff and elected officials attended this training. MAYOR JOHNSON REFUSED to participate in this training
    3. Fiscal Year 2019: Presented information regarding the American Rescue Plan Act. The City of Ocoee Received 24 Million Dollars.
    4. Fiscal Year 2020: Presented idea of having a Veterans Urgent Care in Ocoee to serve West Orange County. As a result of a meeting with then Congresswoman Val Demings. A local developer has agreed to set aside 2,000 square feet of retail space in 2025 for the project.
    5. Fiscal Year 2021: Due to travel limitations as a result of Covid. Commissioner Oliver conducted Town Hall Meetings (in person and virtual) to keep the community abreast of the changes happening in the City of Ocoee. Expenses included mailers, social media and food for the Town Hall meetings. Commissioner Oliver is the ONLY commissioner that conducted town hall meetings for the community, before, during and after Covid.
    6. Fiscal Year 2022: Commissioner Oliver attended multiple workshops on how to properly spend federal funds (ARPA) – He presented to the City of Ocoee’s Commission recommendations to increase funding for neighborhood grant programs; local small business grants for residents; rental assistance programs; minority business enterprise programs for residents; veteran owned business enterprises and social service programs.
    7. Fiscal Year 2022: Commissioner Oliver visited every State Rep and Senator that represents Ocoee in an effort to bring more State Funding to the City of Ocoee.


Fact #5 Commissioner Oliver’s Visa Spending:

  1. $776.85 Spent on uniforms over the course of 6 Fiscal years (2018-2023)
  2. $2500 – Scholarships for members of the Ocoee Youth Counsel. These were Ocoee Youth Council students who had high academic achievements and sought higher education at colleges at prestigious Florida colleges such as FIU and University of Miami.
  3. $18,693.52 – Travel expenses to Florida League of Cities and National League of Cities over 6 Fiscal Years. Where Commissioner Oliver brought back valuable programs to the city from each conference as stated in Fact #4. This total amount is 13% of the COMBINED ELECTED OFFICALS TRAVEL BUDGET over 6 Fiscal Years.


In Fiscal Year 2018, MAYOR RUSTY JOHNSON took a solo field trip to Las Vegas, Nevada using the City of Ocoee taxpayer dollars. The result of that trip brought back NO programs or funding to the City of Ocoee.


This information is public record and can be requested by ANYONE who is seeking to find THE TRUTH, including MEDIA and NEWS outlets. Any MISINFORMATION presented by any Media and News Outlet without doing research cannot be trusted by our communities and deemed not credible. This information can be retrieved by contacting the City of Ocoee’s Clerk Office.